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From kids to adults, family is a huge part of great orthodontic care.


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Awesome Smiles Happen Here

At Mountain Orthodontics We Love
Making Awesome Smiles.

Our goal is to serve our patients and their families, not just teeth.
As a family practice we know the value of respect and honesty.

Why Choose Mountain Orthodontics?

Welcome to Mountain Orthodontics. Our smiles are next door. Our smiles can be traced back for generations. Our smiles are shared over a glass of lemonade at a Sunday picnic. Our smiles are shared on front porches, on the sidelines, and under Friday Night Lights. Our smiles take us down the aisle. Our smiles say I do and I am here for you. At Mountain Orthodontics friends are family, and patients of all ages call home.

Orthodontics is a unique blend of the best of dentistry, art, the science, and modern technology. We specialize in customizing your perfect blend, and our patients know the difference. It’s in their smiles. As an orthodontic specialist, Dr. Max Couch offers braces and Invisalign to families in Blairsville and the surrounding area in an inviting, caring atmosphere. He and his team strive to not only meet, but exceed expectations daily by delivering the best care and service. Mountain Orthodontics is calling, and you must go.

You can feel confident in choosing Mountain Orthodontics for you and your loved one’s orthodontic care knowing that you’ve selected the best from a family dedicated to serving our community.


Treatments for teens, adults & children.

Orthodontic treatment is for everyone! There has never been a better time to consider orthodontic treatment, at any age. It’s time to treat yourself to the beautiful, healthy, and confident smile that you deserve.

Let’s schedule a time to hang out!

Let’s schedule a time to hang out!

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